Saturday, 25 March 2017




Ocean Protection & Services is a Maritime Security and Training Company. Its operations are focused in the Gulf of Aden, Red Sea, Arabian Sea, Indian Ocean, East Africa and West Africa.

Ocean Protection & Services offer cost effective professional security solutions across a wide range of maritime operations including, Commercial Shipping, Offshore Exploration, Private Yachts and the Oil & Gas sector.

Ocean Protections & Services dedicated security professionals have extensive operational maritime experience, having operated on board numerous vessel and offshore facility types, in high risk locations worldwide for various multinational clients since 2007.

Ocean Protection & Services has extensive experience and knowledge in policy and procedure drafting, vessel operations and movements, port entry requirements, navigation and chart work, vessel hardening, pre-embarkation, hazardous cargo, ship fire fighting, vessel defence in international waters and disaster management.

Ocean Protections & Services mission is to provide the client with the highest level of support, expertise and advice, ensuring peace of mind and allowing the client to concentrate on their business operations. This support is provided through, management, expertise, competence, experience  and continuous training. Ocean Protection operate to the highest ethical and international best practice standards in line with the ISPS code and international recommendations.